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VITA TETRA-CHLOR is the combination of two antibiotics, vitamins and minerals. The antibiotics act by binding receptors on the 30S and 50S subunit of the ribosome and thus prevent synthesis of new protein within microbial cell. The vitamins and minerals act at biological process in metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and protein. Such combination is effective for suppressing the growth of many common Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria (such as Chlamydia sp., Mycoplasma sp., and Rickettsiae sp.), thus it accelerates the recovery process.

Each capsule contains :
Tetracycline HCl    50  mg
Erythromycin    10  mg
Vitamin B1    1  mg
Vitamin B2    2  mg
Vitamin B6    1  mg
Vitamin B12    3   mg
Vitamin C    10  mg
Potassium chloride    50  mg
Sodium sulfate    25  mg

· Coryza (cold, nasal discharge, swollen face)
· Fowl cholera (greenish droppings).
· Pullorum (whitish droppings).
· CRD (snoring).

Dosage & Administration
· < 4 weeks: ˝ capsule per day.
· 4-8 weeks: ˝ capsule twice per day.
· > 8 weeks: 1 capsule twice per day.
Administered for 4-5 consecutive days.

Stop giving VITA TETRA-CHLOR 3 days before poultry slaughtered for human consumption.

Sachet : 10 capsules
Bottle : 50 capsules

Under licensed veterinarian prescription

Registration Number
Indonesia : DEPTAN RI No. D 0206957 PKM

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