stimulate growth of broilers

NEOBRO is a feed supplement containing multivitamins and amino acids. Multivitamins assist in the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and proteins, while amino acids are essential building blocks for all organisms. Such combination is very effective in promoting growth of broilers. 

Each kg contains:
Methionine                     250 g
Lysine                            10 g
Sodium salicylate             10 g
Vitamin A             5,000,000 IU
Vitamin D3               500,000 IU
Vitamin E                     2,500 IU
Vitamin K3                        1 g
Vitamin B1                         2 g
Vitamin B2                         4 g
Vitamin B6                         6 g
Vitamin B12                       2 mg
Vitamin C                        10 g
Calcium-D-pantothenate     5 g
Nicotinamide                    15 g
Zinc                                 2 g
Manganese                       2 g
Magnesium                       5 g
Copper                         400 mg
Cobalt                          200 mg
Excipients up to                 1 kg

 Promote growth of broilers.
 Supply various vitamins and amino acids essential for growth.
 Improve feed efficiency thus increasing meat production of broilers.
 Prevent stress and enhance body resistance against diseases.

Dosage & Administration
0-6 weeks:
1 gram per 2 liters of drinking water or 1 gram per 1 kg of feed.
6-9 weeks:
1 gram per 3 liters of drinking water or 1 gram per 1.5 kg of feed.

Sachet : 100 g, 250 g

Registration Number
Indonesia : DEPTAN RI No. D 9908281 FTS. 2

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