We have been in the business of producing and marketing pharmaceutical products, vitamins, vaccines, and poultry equipment for more than 25 years. Through our experience and commitment to deliver high quality products and satisfy customers, we have been known in the local market as the best vaccine producer and have expanded throughout Asia and Africa.
We have implemented the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) through out our manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and safety of its products. With a determination to provide the best service, we continuously innovate and keep up with the most leading technology.
I would like to thank you, our dear customers, for your trust in our company. You have made it possible for us to gain our current reputation and leadership in the market.

To be a Major Player in the Livestock Industry in Indonesia and Asia-Africa along with the effort to enhance the well-being of mankind.

To meet the needs of livestock farmers by providing a complete and quality livestock production support products with excellent services and knowledge enhancement that will improve their businesses.

Committed to continuous improvement with full responsibility and enthusiasm; honesty, discipline, team work, family values, and respect to one another
Provide equal opportunity to all employees to develop their potential and capabilities. Provide rewards and recognition based on their contributions.

Jonas Jahja
President Director

Year 2013 is a special year for Medion's vaccine products, Medivac, because it has been produced for 20 years. Since its first release, Medivac has always providing the best quality vaccines to farmers. Until today, our Research and Development team keeps developing and improving the quality of Medivac to keep in a path with the world current situation. Not only nationally, Medivac is also acknowledged internationally. It's proved by the increasing export activities to Asian-African countries.

Medivac is produced using the latest technology and based on both national (Farmakope Obat Hewan Indonesia / Indonesian Pharmacopeia) and international quality standard (United States Pharmacopeia and British Pharmacopeia). Quality is always our main concern, starting from raw material selection until finished good. The cold chain management system is applied in Medivac distribution as a form of Medion commitment in maintaining vaccine quality until it arrives to farmers' place.

Not only excel in quality and experience, Medion also gives more value by educating farmers through roadshow, training and education, lecture, educative comic, and Info Medion-a monthly bulletin which contains livestock latest information. Therefore, in its 20th anniversary, Medivac is more than just quality vaccine.

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